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Good advertising - not for Russia?

Good advertising – not for Russia?

Today even among leaders of the market there is an opinion, that Russia is not ready to good advertising. Can not trust me, but recently this idea was once again stated in a seal by dear creative director of one of the largest Moscow agencies.

At me the opinion on this account – I am sure, that everyone who considers, that Russia has not ripened for good advertising (it concerns both to employees of agencies, and to clients), – deeply is mistaken.
The true is simple: any consumer has emotions, and our work consists just in finding these emotions and достучаться up to them, forming thus loyalty to mark and finally growth of sales.
From here a question: why leaders of the advertising market believe, what such emotional approach to advertising will not find the response at consumers? I think, the matter is that – usual laziness. Yes, достучаться up to emotions within the framework of a 30-second roller or street билборда it is uneasy. But for it to us our clients also pay. Underestimating a rod, we simply search for justifications to mediocrely executed work. We create advertising which follows all possible(probable) rules, but on an iota does not mention emotion of consumers.
It is pleasant to us whether or not, but advertising is a part of a cultural layer. And so, in all other areas of culture of Russia this emotional communication(connection) is easily traced. Behind an example let's address to a history.
In times and not constructed advanced socialism tens (and can, and hundreds) thousand books were written. Are written on all existing then to rules. These "creations" filled up shops – and people stood at night in turns to get desired томик Ахматовой or Булгакова. From all динамиков "correct" cheerful hymns of a party(set) and to the government sounded on hundred percents, and people copied songs Высоцкого on cartridges. At theatres put the plays approved by strict censorship about leaders of manufacture, and tickets were under compulsion distributed to statements at schools. At the same time on Таганку or in "Contemporary" it was impossible to get. That is overwhelming majority of representatives of " a target audience » made a choice at all for the benefit of grey and featureless creations in the correctness.
So why the opinion what the consumer (which, by the way, most reading people in the world is yet so a long time) will not understand us today has appeared? Really the interesting, emotional and clever advertising roller is more complex(difficult) for perception(recognition), than films Тарковского, performances Любимова or verses Бродского?
On a wave of laziness and fear before a possible(probable) mistake featureless and safe style of modern Russian advertising was born. She(it) is correct up to a pain in a teeth. She(it) will pass even the most strict researches. But she(it) has no anything the general(common) consumer with soul. And the most insulting, that consumers gradually start to get used to серости which is poured out on them from screens of TVs, from journal pages and from street posters. And during accustoming do(make) feeble attempts to protest.
Recollect – how many you heard time, how people abuse the Russian advertising how they loudly hate advertising blocks, dreaming about that their quantity(amount) was reduced?
The best rollers speak on general(common) with consumers emotional language is an axiom. Emotions form attachment to mark and finally sales... Which are the true purpose of any advertising. The Russian consumer nothing differs from all other world. His(its) life is not limited to meal, work, dream and sex. His(its) life are emotions. It(he) is able to laugh and cry, be pleased and empathize. It(he) is able to distinguish good from bad. He(it) has emotions up to which it is possible достучаться. So it is necessary to make to mention emotions of Russians?
All of us know, that such good advertising. We read correct books and we look the Cannes rollers. And all time we are broken: « Well why why we do not create anything similar? » For this purpose there are all preconditions. We have talent and desire. And again a question: why we do not do(make) good advertising?
There are many answers. Some of them – objective obstacles in a way of good advertising. And some – only ways to justify own laziness and irresponsibility.
In my opinion, the objective justification is the quantity(amount) of adaptations by which we are compelled to do(make). In a result in an ether rollers which are not created for Russians in whom there is nothing Russian for this reason they do not cause any emotions leave.
If at us the opportunity to create more than specifically Russian advertising will appear, we can operate with realities of culture and features of emotional perception(recognition), we can be much closer to consumers.
We have got used to operate under the circuit. Why? Simply so was always. These circuits excuse absence in us of healthy "heterodoxy" for this reason we do not create really unique and remembered advertising. Well, let's continue in the same spirit – and to us never to become rather creative market. Instead of it we shall turn in very cautious industry where it is much easier to do(make) that we do(make). Creation of oustanding advertising is a risk. And care – a synonym of worthless and inefficient exercises.
You can accuse me of excessive propensity to generalizations. You can object, that in each market there is a niche for base advertising which follows the simple circuit « a problem – the decision ». Each product has properties, the information about which it is necessary to inform up to the consumer, having convinced it(him) in the superiority of this mark. With it I agree. However a trouble that the circuit « the problem – the decision » automatically began to be applied and to marks, which not only do not require it(her), but for which the different way of the communications is necessary completely to be allocated in the competitive environment and to construct viable бренд.
Who has told, what in advertising shampoos necessarily it is necessary to show people which wash a head? People do(make) it from generation to generation, it is not necessary again and to show them again where лить water as shampoo to shake up in foam and as it(him) to wash off. Can, it is meaningful to look at shampoos from other point of view? Yes, the dirty head is a problem. Yes, shampoo is a decision. But we do not sell all shampoos in the world. Our problem(task) – to sell one concrete mark. And if we shall not think up for it(her) unique "person", she(it) simply will get lost among tens to herself similar.
Who has told, what in each roller about beer it is necessary to show, how it flows in a glass? Or how it(him) drink? All of us know, what this staff are called to illustrate quality and taste of beer but how consumers will distinguish marks – you see to them all time show same?
One more justification which I frequently hear: the client does not give us an opportunity to make good work, the client stupid has got. All is simple: Clients – same people, as well as all others. Among them is clever and silly, kind and malicious, development of mark is important for one, others are interested in short-term growth of sales. However with what clients we cooperated, our work and our direct duty consists in taking a position conducting, instead of conducted. To achieve it, we constantly should show a variety of the ideas, new ways of development of advertising. All of us know, that it not always works, much less often, than we would like. But how many time the client said a word "is not present", we should offer all new and new interesting ideas. It is our work. Once there will come(step) day when the client will decide to risk. And I believe, that the result can change the
Russian market.
Show people something new. Something unusual. Force them to feel. Force them to empathize our advertising. Give them an occasion to believe.

The author: Сэм Ротман
the Source:, № 21, 2003год

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