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It is not enough money - much креатива

It is not enough money - much креатива

Organizers of festival малобюджетной advertising « Idea! » Has directed in regions. There also search for talents. To all-Union festival " idea " just about will knock forty. And the kid prepares to get stronger seriously. In 2004 competition prepares to stretch the regional network on 35 cities of Russia. Preconditions to this more than powerful: annual growth of participants « Ideas! » Already makes 23 percents. Main "наживка" for participants: works - номинанты free-of-charge participate in the Moscow international festival of advertising. The decision to develop « Idea! » When креатив still has not got stronger in advertising community, has caused many questions. They are answered by the director of festival Irina Shmakova.

What is малобюджетная advertising from the point of view of festival « Idea! »?

In the greater measure the criterion "малобюджетный" concerns to videorollers. That the videoroller could participate in competition, his(its) cost should not exceed 20 thousand. Though, except for videoadvertising, competition provides also other nominations. In particular, audioadvertising, printed advertising, the outdoor advertising, a trade mark and packing and anywhere any more not considered(examined) nominations newspaper advertising and an advertising campaign. In a case with advertising campaigns on competition projects, which budget on manufacture of promotional materials and realization промоакций approve does not exceed of 60 thousand. Thus the advertising campaign considers the complete set of the distributing materials which are carried out for one customer in uniform style as a minimum in two kinds of advertising.

And how also who defines(determines) cost of the advertising roller submitted on competition?

In jury of festival professionals who can define(determine) cost of a roller even "by eye", as a rule, work. Agree, that if at a roller there is a herd of elephants moreover removed(taken off) several complicated plans малобюджетным it(he) can not be basically. The same concerns also animated rollers where it is used complex(difficult) computer the diagram.

What it is possible to advance малобюджетным a way?

Any production and services, down to bank. Therefore among potential participants of festival there are both Moscow, and petersburg agencies. Besides in Russia animated rollers which in the majority the are малобюджетными as against the western countries where animation is used only at promotion of the goods for children are very popular.

Why then many companies with a world(global) name have enormous advertising budgets?

The matter is that малобюджетная advertising is first of all креатив. And креатив is always risk: will work or will not work. Therefore the large transnational companies having means, prefer massed "frontal" advertising. Probably, for the same reason it is not enough креатива, for example, in advertising, plastic windows. Notwithstanding what the market is overflown with them, newspaper advertising dazzles their photos: windows closed, windows open, windows полуоткрытые. Compare to work of one of ours конкурсантов: a caricature representing two swearing yard keepers, and a slogan: « If you know, about what these two subjects at five o'clock in the morning it is time to you to buy plastic windows talked! ». But while scale востребованности creative advertising in the Russian regions something is not observed. And it is a pity.

That you spoke about benefits of participation in "ideological" festival, should increase quantity(amount) of potential participants only. Any restrictions for them are stipulated?

As the festival paid, in quantity(amount) of participants is not present restrictions: expose the works everyone can. But there is a criterion which is necessary for observing to get in blinkers - sheet of festival, – originality of advertising idea. And winners defines(determines) the jury estimating, first, idea and, second, a technical embodiment. As a rule, it means two-minute discussion of advertising production and voting. Thus the voice of the chairman of jury only defines(determines) overweight in disputable situations if such arise.

And as far as the structure of jury of festival is authoritative?

As against the majority of regional festivals where the jury consists of directors of the local advertising agencies accepting, by the way, participation in competition, we involve professionals from different cities. And not only advertisement makers, but also editors of profile editions. In 1999, for example, have tried in general to make jury of one only editors – by a principle of European advertising competition EPICA which president Эндрю Роллинз headed jury « Ideas! » In 1997. And this year press in jury represented Влад Васюхин, копирайтер and the advertising journalist of magazine " Огонек ", and Ekaterina Alekseeva, the editor of the newspaper « the Advertising world ». The majority in structure of jury last years for professionals from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsks and other large cities all the same have decided to leave.

The previous festivals « Idea! » Passed in Novosibirsk, and you plan to lead(carry out) festival of 2004 in Sochi, moreover and on May holidays. Than such choice is caused?

The European festivals of advertising pass or in resort cities, or in capitals. We have decided to go on the same way and to combine pleasant with useful. You see to go to Novosibirsk at the end of spring or the beginning of a summer(years), maybe, not to everyone will want. And in this sense of Sochi is more attractive. And a choice of date of realization – May, 1-4, we hope, will provide additional inflow of participants as at this time it is not necessary to distract from work.

Except for the competitive program, the festival provides also educational. What she(it) herself represents?

The curriculum consists basically of training seminars and conferences. For example, « How to work above idea » (secrets of skill), « Typical mistakes by manufacture of any product and as them to avoid », « As is tasty to remove(take off) a meal » etc.

Festival « Idea! » It is positioned as all-Union, and the staff of it(him) is in Novosibirsk. How "hire" participants?

Really, to phone up to Novosibirsk, to declare the participation, it happens difficultly. Therefore we open representations of festival in large cities of Russia. For today our representations are in 30 cities. Thus they cover 35 regions. Usually representatives of festival « Idea! » Advertising agencies which distribute the information on festival act, make bases of participants and collect works. Thus of a condition of cooperation in different regions different. For example, some agencies representing « Idea! » In regions, have the right to free-of-charge participation in festival, and some work on the commission, receiving interest in case of maintenance of the certain quantity(amount) of participants from region. And the quantity(amount) it can vary depending on region.

And why you do not use regional associations of advertisement makers for the organizational purposes?

Something in the Russian regions not especially develops with such associations. Though, certainly, problems which are necessary for solving at their level, are. For example, in each region there are unfair advertizers who go from agency to agency and steal advertising ideas. Them « the black list » which replenishes with all advertising agents, would be very useful. Besides in regions there are no personnel agencies which are engaged in observation and selection of experts in sphere of advertising. Associations could solve and this problem. But in cities центральноевропейской parts of Russia advertising movement is not very much advanced at all. Probably, the affinity of capital which covers with the advertising services and nearby regions has an effect.

Source:, 5.11.03
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