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Days PR in Moscow - 2004
Doors Мариотт Грандъ of Hotel in the Tver street for all visitors and participants of festival " Days PR in Moscow – 2004 " and the International conference " Брендинг in business and a policy(politics) have in a friendly way swung open: the first opening of XXI century ". The given festival represents the bright, sated and remembered event which gives all a magnificent opportunity to exchange new ideas, opinions on the most important problems and as to bring original feature under the work done for last year and to estimate its(her) results

To one of the central events of all festival began the International conference " Брендинг in business and policies(politics): the first opening of XXI century " which was held February, 25 in Мариотт Грандъ Hotel. After registration all participants, and them was not a little, were invited to plenary session which has lead(carried out) president РАСО, Deccan of faculty of journalism СПбГУ Shishkina Marina. She(it) has in brief told about work of conference, about all actions which will take on it(her) a place, has defined(determined) a spectrum of questions which further will be discussed and has designated priority directions of work of the given conference. Also at session the general director, the Chief - editor of the Incorporated edition of Joint-Stock Company " Коммерсантъ " Vasil'ev A.V., the first vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Zhukov A.D., the governor of the Tver area, the President of Association of managers of Russia Zelenin D.V., the director on public relations of Joint-Stock Company " Holding company " Интеррос " " have acted as Zel'kova L.G., And also vice-president of joint-stock company " Панасоник (CIS) " Мотоки Масао.

Upon termination of plenary session all participants were divided(shared) into 6 groups and have taken part in work of round tables which themes were declared earlier as " Business: audit of the concept брендинга in conditions " disappearances of the goods "," Брендинг in a policy(politics) "," Брендинг in art, sports and show business "," Брендинг large corporations "," Брендинг mass media "¿" Protection бренда and reputation: anti-recessionary PR ".

The declared themes of round tables were so interesting to all participants of conference, that much simultaneously had to be present on several discussions at once to not pass(miss) so important and interesting information. For this reason organizers of conference arranged next day plenary session on which moderators of round tables have briefly stated the basic moments of discussions on past секциях and have summed up the work. Such format of session was offered for the first time.

It was offered to first to act to a moderator of section " Business: audit of the concept брендинга in conditions of " disappearance of the goods " to Vice-president РАСО, Vice-president of academy of a political science, the general director of PR-agency " the International press club, Чумиков PR and consulting ", to the candidate of philosophical sciences, the doctor of political sciences, professor Alexander Chumikovu.

The performance(statement) which was accompanied slide - show, the beginnings from differentiation of concepts бренда and the goods. " Бренд is not the goods, and the goods predominate ". Visions of concept itself бренда several authors were considered and brief conclusions are made. Present the circuit промоушена the goods was offered to attention, proceeding from which, the author has concluded, that приоритетность the goods goes down from the beginning (manufacture) to a final stage промоушена. Thus it(he) has noticed, промоутируется not the goods, and only the information on it(him).

Further stages of development of the market of advertising were considered and their analysis is made. The big interest of students was caused with technology of management of perception(recognition) and the group of techniques offered by the author:

1. Artificial Брендинг (on an example of the book in Пилевина "DПП").

2. Parallel брендинг (бренд it is positioned in a relative and full separation from the goods).

3. Expanded Брендинг ("grasp" - that it is possible to grasp – брендировать). On an example of development of a trade mark for the Kamchatka reserve.

4. To - брендинг strategic (through the program of involving

One more moderator, member of executive advice(council) RASO, the President of holding of agencies " Publicity " (advertising and PR), the candidate of historical sciences, a member of scientific - methodical advice(council) at the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation, Гай Khans which for some reasons was absent at session in quality бренда has chosen reputation. It(he) has divided(shared) the accounting approach to creation бренда from the point of view of cost on a little bit making. As basic forming reputation Гай of Khans has allocated the communications. And primary goal of the communications – creation of reputation that is a real active. And the reputation is too бренд.

The following speaker of the same round table Alexey Suhenko, the general director "AS-Brand" was. It(he) has devoted the report to a theme of management of perception(recognition). In what force бренда consists? This question also has tried to answer acting in the report. During discussion by the speaker it was offered 12 архетипов. Архетипы are reflection of eternal histories. архетипы are grouped as marks of the zodiac.

Andrey Ulyanovsk, the head of the higher school of marketing communications, the senior lecturer of faculty of public relations of the Russian state pedagogical university him(it). A.I.Gertsena, the candidate культурологи, was submitted his(its) book " the Social myth as бренд ". Whether can бренд serve as a platform of rapproachement of Protestant and orthodox ethics of business? ". The big interest of students was caused with a table of contents of the given book which was made separately both for philosophers, and for эмпириков.

Natalia Gorgidze, the leading expert on public relations and advertising " Groups the Renaissance insurance " has acted on a theme " Брендинг in insurance branch: problems, incomes and prospects ". Sociological researches on several directions which gave answers to set of questions were carried out(spent). It was found out, that in insurance branch брендов is not present, in spite of the fact that there are such large companies as Альфастрахование, Ингосстрах, Росгосстрах. Factors of a choice of the insurance company were submitted.

Michael Bocharov, the assistant to the general director of agency " the International press club, Чумиков PR and consulting ", the doctor of sociological sciences, the professor, will devote the performance(statement) to a theme " Антибрендинг: who whom wants to win ". As the valid existence антибрендинговой advertising was shown a number(line) enough ridiculous and interesting slides that has caused extraordinary revival of an audience. It and antiadvertising of the American jeeps, forages for dogs Pedigree, and shaving machine tool Mach 3, production of company Nestle and many other things.

Moderator of the second round table " Брендинг in a policy(politics) " was Ekaterina Egorova, a member of Executive Advice(council) RASO, the Chairman of Advice(council) of founders of Group of the companies " НИККОЛО M ", the doctor of political sciences, the candidate of psychological sciences.

For discussion problems and aspects political брендинга were born. The most various aspects from political бренда persons up to political бренда our country were discussed, new technologies in the selective companies which promote construction антибренда were considered(examined).

Igor Bunin, general the director of fund " Centre of political technologies ", the general director of site Политком.ру, the doctor of political sciences, one of speakers of the given section has acted with the analysis брендов parties(sets) from the point of view of presence of 4 elements:

1. Well узнаваемый the leader

2. Suitable name or an abbreviation

3. message parties(sets)

4. Presence of nuclear electorate

Chernejko Dmitry, the head of Department of Federal service of employment over Saint Petersburg, the doctor of economic sciences has lead(carried out) necessary аналих senses and values which are obliged to be present at creation бренда. Deep diagnostics of senses and values also was carried out(spent).

Грачева Анастасия, the head of projects, аналитик Open Company " Има-consulting ", the candidate of psychological sciences, has illustrated a picture of construction бренда Russia abroad. Has shown the concept. Also has lead(carried out) the analysis of an output(exit) of clauses(articles) positioning Russia on a book fair in Germany.

As a result about the done work the following conclusions were made. Political Брендинг – new enough phenomenon for Russia. At our political parties is бренды. It is the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (unique not персонифицированная a party(set)), ЛДПР (firm nuclear electorate), Баркашовская a party(set). And with брендами " decent parties(sets) " put is little bit worse. That certainly cannot be told about our President. It(he) you see too бренд and some more what.

Theme of the third round table - " Брендинг in art, sports and show business ". The moderator declared Alla Nekrashevich, the director of the All-Russia competition in the field of development of public relations " the Crystal Orange ", managing faculty of "public rElation" ИДПО МГУКИ. Discussion on the given theme has broken up from the very beginning to 3 components: брендинг art, брендинг in sports and брендинг in art.

The first speaker the general director of информационно-musical agency " Кушнир Продакшн " Alexander Kushnir who accompanied with occurrence such брендов as Земфира, Factory of stars and some fates - festivals was. Кушнир has told, how PR-support in show business is carried out. Huge lack is that all activity is not supported with firm theoretical base. Complexity consists that the given area of business very strongly монополизирована and corrupts and consequently бренд here is not necessary technology. The human factor also is very great, and people not always observe the factor legal.

Precisely same situation has developed and in sports. If the person to start to untwist as the person, everything the command(team) together has achieved that. It(he) takes only personally. Very brightly there is a problem of the Russian mentality. There is an idea. Which unites all - the idea " to throw all ". " As the vivid Example can serve Оксана Федорова which after the victory has suddenly understood, that well it is necessary for it(her) to continue study. The Russian citizens of her(it) have supported, that foreigners ", for example, could not understand.

Бренды it is unconditional in show business is, but all of them have developed spontaneously. However absolutely other is technology of creation corporate брендов. When the group, but not its(her) structure is positioned only. Good examples group " liceum " can serve. The group itself remains, i.e. its(her) name, and structure constantly varies.

As if to брендинга in sports all was frequently reduced to discussion of problems in the Russian sports.

Брендинг in art. With it(him) business is completely differently. On this theme vice-president СТД Russian Federation (ВТО), the director " the theatrical centre on Passionate " Vladimir Misharin has acted. It(he) has told: " And we in art about it yet do not speak and we do not think. On брендинг look with accusation ". In his(its) opinion, in a basis бренда we should lay Russian elite cinema. The western market needs what at them is not present. As an example group " Тату " can serve. " They have not created such бренд only because they simply were ashemed to make it. In the west бренд it is not necessary, if in it(him) there is no maintenance(contents) ".

" Брендинг large corporations " - a theme of the fourth round table. As a moderator has acted the head of department of public relations of a joint-stock bank of gas industry " ГАЗПРОМБАНК " Lija Luchnikova. And there is a theme брендинга in large corporations? She(it) not simply exists, at present she(it) costs(stands) on the agenda. Then that forces to reflect such giants on this theme? And that. It is necessity of the capitalization, sharply increased competition, an output(exit) on the international level and that quality which foreign partners demand from them, conflicts to federal and regional elites, adjustment of new communications and many other things.

Problems(tasks) which put before itself large corporations – an information openness, creation of regional structure, creation of corporate MASS-MEDIA, corporate sites etc.

Vitaly Zotov (" Aeroflot – the Russian international airlines ") has told Open Society about campaign on ребрендингу. About that. That formation бренда теснейшим is connected by image to all changes inside the company.

Alexander Vasilenko (Open Society " Лукойл ") has bypassed a theme of construction брендов and spoke about a problem of large corporations which are national property of Russia. And those functions which they bear(carry), constantly are in a field of criticism. Бренды large corporations together make economic бренд Russia. The idea of association of corporations for work above uniform economic брендом Russia has sounded. Will not develop бренд Russia if not normal economic attitudes(relations) will develop.

Theme notorious black PR have not avoided.

The question рейтингования PR-agencies since customers are not satisfied with those services which are given was mentioned, the structure of agencies is not in time(does not ripen) behind demand, the price policy(politics) does not correspond(meet) to amount of executed works, the batch policy(politics) and estimated structure do not satisfy.

" Брендинг mass media " - a theme of the following round table. A moderator – Boris Eremin, a member of Executive Advice(council) RASO, the editor - in - chief of magazine " adviser ", the president of the Russian branch of the International advertising association (IAA).

Work of the given section began from conversation about бренде as such. Concepts брендинг and the trade mark were divided(shared). In mass media бренд is бренд in a square. Is бренд information, and is бренд the channel. In this situation of strategy медиа-брендинга should be more стратегичны. Is not present бренда, is not present пресвященного the market, there is no also consumer. Брендом heads operate not маркетологи, and. For this reason heads should type(collect) the staff, instead of a department existing for it, yes to liquidate that gap of misunderstanding which arises.

The problem of quality of formation(education) in sphere PR was very sharply lifted. In opinion of the speaker such formation(education) should not be the first. The person should have all over again base on which the received information will be imposed already. Only in this case it is possible to speak about квалифицированности the staff.

" Protection бренда and reputations: anti-recessionary PR " - a theme of last section, the general director of Agency of Communication management has headed which " Principle PR " Мирослав Кошелюк.

So the moderator has explained a small amount of participants of the given section enough таки simply. Not all easily would like and not to speak about the troubles, about those problems with which they collide(face).

The main themes of discussion:

- Whether is crisis and anti-recessionary PR in Russia?

- What defines(determines) success антикризисногоPR?

Actually approaches in anti-recessionary PR everywhere one. Psychological features of people are similar all over the world. But there is one feature. Than that it is more: systems or unexpected creative, thus system are that provides an opportunity for acceptance of creative decisions. In each company in a crisis situation each employee should know precisely, that it(he) should do(make) how to act(arrive), " should know the maneuver ". And also to be able to react operatively. Delay of reaction results in tragical consequences for the company. To protect reputation and бренд, the company should behave as the corporate citizen and incur the social responsibility. An important point is forecasting crisis situations, т. To. From crises anybody from us is not insured. Efficient control is one of the basic parameters qualitative бренда.

After all moderators have acted with the reports, " the free microphone " was organized. And all interested persons выск5азать the opinion, concerning all heard had such opportunity and also to ask the most interesting them on discussed themes.

If the first days of festival of a problem брендинга were discussed only by leading experts last day such opportunity has dropped out also to students. February, 27 at support of the Russian association on public relations (РАСО), the faculty of international journalism МГИМО, PR-agency " MGIMO-communications ", and also the Russian association of students on public relations (РАССО) organized the student's conference devoted to prospects брендинга in Russia: a sight in the future. The personal perception(recognition), vision of the given problem participants of conference had a magnificent opportunity to show during the performances(statements). The given conference was simultaneously and the first meeting of members РАССО and all wishing to participate in association, it was a first step of work of student's association which was created in December of the last year. And time the first meeting for the second put was held will not stand.

For participation in conference the students training on a speciality of "public rElation", from all Russia were invited: the Ivanovo state power university, Мичуринский the state agrarian university, the Moscow state social university, the Ufa state petroleum technical university, the Voronezh state technical university, the St.-Petersburg institute of foreign economic relations, economy and rights and many others.

After registration of participants, and them was not a little, plenary session on which as the first has acted acting as president РАССО of Milan Валиева with salutatory word was held. She(it) has greeted all present and has congratulated all on the first assembly of members РАССО. She(it) has presented all visitors and participants who will address to at conference. It and vice-president РАСО Alexander Chumikov, and Andrey Silant'ev, the dean of faculty MZH MGIMO, Hans Gjul'denberg, the president of Open Company " Нестле Фуд ", Гай Khans, the President of agency " Publicity PR ", Boris Eremin, the editor - in - chief of the edition "Adviser", the president of the Russian branch of the International advertising association and Sergey Trofimenko, the Chairman of Board of directors of communication group " Point Passat ".

With the report the first Alexander Chumikov has acted. His(its) performance(statement) was devoted social (noncommercial) брендингу. Students with huge attention listened to his(its) performance(statement), especially it was supported with not less interesting slide - show. For those who had no an opportunity to be present at the international conference, it(he) has once again repeated the basic items(points) антибрендинговой foreign advertising and has opened stages of development social брендинга on Kamchatka.

Following not less interesting was Hans Gjul'denberga's performance(statement), the president of Open Company " Нестле Фуд ". The theme of his(its) report was designated as " brand-management: between global and local brands ". Some words were told about the company " Нестле Фуд ", about its(her) world(global) rating, and ambassador Hans Gjul'denberg have passed to a policy(politics) брендов. He(it) gave 2 examples of the Russian policy(politics) брендов:

1. Promotion global бренда Magicians;

2. бренд chocolate factory Russia.

Hans Gjul'denberga's report has caused huge quantity(amount) of questions students on whom it(he) with pleasure it(he) has tried to give exhaustive answers.

The ambassador participants of conference have left on coffee-break and have continued the further work already on секциям, acting with the reports.

Conference by assembly of members РАССО was finished and wishing to participate in association.

Leading experts have expressed the opinion that these " Days PR in Moscow " have turned out the most productive.

Source: Elena Kurakina

It is published: Tuesday, March, 02, 2004 - 08:03 GMT+3

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