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Audit of a trading network

Audit of a trading network

– One of the important directions of activity DEF group. Researches will be carried out(spent) in settlements of the Dnepropetrovsk area and on all Ukraine.

Audit of a trading network is the regular research spent for retail shops.

In a basis of research data gathering about the prices, assortment, stocks, sales, presence of promotional materials on each researched category of a product in the shops which are included in sample lays.

Audit of retail trade is the effective tool of monitoring of change of positions of the company in the market and activity of competitors which allows to develop variants of the decision of problems of the company connected to a complex of marketing.

Before to begin Audit of a trading network, it is necessary to establish general set of points of retail trade which is necessary for definition of the panel of research. For this purpose it will be carried out(spent) сенсус in each researched settlement.

Сенсус is full перепись all points of retail trade.

In time сенсуса the following information gathers:

  • Type of a shop
  • The name
  • Pattern of ownership
  • The address, phone/fax
  • Arrangement of a point (the main or minor street, shopping center, etc.)
  • Type of service
  • The trading area
  • Assortment
  • Quantity(amount) of cash registers
  • Presence of refrigerators
  • The submitted commodity categories a revolution on researched grocery categories (in natural expression)
  • The contact person (manager)

Application of researches of a retail network

For reception of the necessary information are considered(examined) and researched parameters are fixed: presence of the goods on a counter; the price; a method of the calculation, quantity(amount) of visitors of shop, etc.

The information received during research of retail points, allows to solve the problems(tasks) connected to increase of a share of the market; an output(exit) on new commodity markets; start of new trade marks; positioning of new and existing production.

Audit of retail trade allows to estimate a situation in the market on such directions, as:

  • Sales volumes, dynamics(changes) and the forecast
  • Regional distinctions in consumption
  • Segmentation of the market and search of new niches
  • Positions of the basic players: sales, a share of the market, distribution, the structure of an industrial portofolio conducting marks
  • The strong and weak parties(sides) of existing products
  • Role of various channels of distribution
  • Quality of distribution (the weighed distribution, exhaustion of stocks, average assortment)
  • Influence of change of distribution, the prices, occurrences of promotional materials in a shop and other marketing elements on a break-even sales level and a share of the market of the company.
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