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Ритейл - audit

Audit of retail points (retail audit, ритейл audit)

Ритейл audit is a monitoring changes of various parameters of the goods (the price, assortment, Level представленности in shops, sales volumes) in conditions varying market Situations and the account of activity of competitors.

Ритейл audit allows to investigate various parameters of retail trade in To dynamics(changes): assortment of the goods of various groups in retail to trade, accommodation of the goods in Trading premises(rooms), a variety of packings, a price level of competing marks etc.

Audit of retail trade covers channels of distribution:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
  • Boothes and pavilions
  • The open markets

The Стор-check (store cheсking)

The method the стор-check (store cheсking) assumes inspection of shops - retail and мелкооптовых, directed on studying of assortment and price characteristics of the goods and marks; Monitoring of presence and the price of various marks in retail and мелкооптовой networks; studying Offers on advertising and business mass media.

Ways of gathering of the initial data: personal interview, supervision, questioning in points Sales, telephone interrogations etc. The Volume of sample for the стор-check is defined(determined) by problems(tasks) Researches, the research budget.

Such researches allow to estimate shares of the local market of consumer goods, Belonging to various trade marks (to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers). The technique allows to obtain the reliable data in a situation of refusal of dealers to give the information about Parameters of the activity. It is possible to receive the information on the broad audience of questions:

  • Assortment and structure of the trading offer (under names, commodity groups, To marks, to manufacturers, dealers and distributors, types of shops), prevalence of marks;
  • Distinctions between wholesale and retail prices;
  • Disorder of the prices for mark in retail and wholesale trade depending on various criteria ( such as a shop, region etc.);
  • Trading strategy of competitors;
  • Indirect estimations of a share of the market and sales volumes of the goods of different names, manufacturers, Marks etc.

As a rule, the стор-check is used within the framework of the complex analysis of a condition and prospects Development of concrete sector of the market of consumer goods (alongside with qualitative methods, Expert interrogations, interrogations of consumers).

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