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For whom and what for the business - plan is necessary?
The business - plan - the scheduled document, and process of development of
the business - plan one of kinds of planning.

Authors clearly represent, that at a word "planning" many our readers have negative emotions.
However, do not hurry up. One business, for you others and absolutely "plan" another
when you, and anybody another except for you, plan the future. You
see planning is a process of creative judgement of future your
enterprise (business). At this time, you decide: in what direction
to develop to your business and as quickly, how to reach(achieve) objects in view and
what to make, to reduce possible(probable) unexpectedness and risks, how to
operate a situation as a whole. In other words, effective planning is a
process of statement of the purposes (problems((tasks)) and development of the actions providing their
Large firms require such planning both beginning(starting) businessmen, and growing or already.
The business - plan - necessarily written document summing business
opportunities and prospects and explaining as these opportunities can
be realized by an available command(team) of managers (managers). The
written statement of the business - plan does(makes) process of his(its) development by more effective, and
the plan - systematized and compressed.

Mastering by art of development of the business - plan is necessary,
at least, by virtue of the following five reasons:

- First, new economic conditions demand new
businessmen and enable them to try to realize the
" enterprise bents ". However, many of these people never
supervised over any commercial enterprise and consequently extremely
poorly represent all circle of the problems connected to business in conditions
of market economy;

- Second, the varying economic environment puts also skilled
Heads of the enterprises before necessity differently to count the
future steps and to prepare for unusual it(him) to struggle against competitors in
which there are no trifles. Besides, old experience is received by them in conditions
of a command - management system of managing and, faster, can
be appreciated negatively, than positively (a habit to expect a command(team) "from above",
lack of initiative, the irresponsible attitude(relation) to " another's money ",
artificial survival rate of the unprofitable enterprise etc.);

- Thirdly, the business - plan is a link between the
organizer of manufacture and the investor. If the businessman expects not only for
the means, and wants to involve means from the party(side) that is to
interest potential investors including foreign, to enclose money in
offered business, it is necessary to prove to them efficiency of such investment
to show. Your ability to think realistically and to estimate all possible(probable)
aspects both positive, and negative, uses инвестируемых

If you address for necessary means in bank. You also
need the business - plan which will help to convince the banker of reliability
of an investment of means, in a reality of returning of the credit given out to you and
receptions of the own profit. In this case the business - plan is the
document " on sale " for reception of the capital. In the "sold" business - plan it
is necessary to change accents(stresses) some, for example, necessarily to bring in
the basic biographic data of prospective managers, data on their formation(education)
and an operational experience. Such information is key for potential
investors. Actually, many western authors consider(examine) this
applicability of the business - plan as the basic for any company requiring for
attraction of the capital. In modern it is high a competitive economic
environment the high-quality qualified business the plan it
is absolutely necessary. Anyone who asks money for the business, should have such
plan. As the document " on sale " the business - plan should convince investors, that
the new businessman has really defined(determined) the opportunities, has
enterprise and administrative talent to use these
opportunities and has realistic enough, coordinated program
of reception of profits and achievements of objects in view in time.
And if extra means are not necessary for you? If you have the
sufficient capital to open own business without attraction of investors from
the party(side)? Whether the business - plan in this case is necessary? A starting point in any
business is the situation when somebody in writing states the plan for development of
an affair and somebody gives money to realization of this plan. These two "somebody" can
be the same person. However, and in this case the business - plan is necessary.
It is necessary to divide(share) two processes: planning and investment.
The businessman having means, should write the business - plan not " on
sale ", and for itself. In this case you receive the advantages described below
(fourthly, and fifthly)

- Fourthly, the business - plan will allow, first of all, to
you clearly to see prospects of your business to estimate an
existing economic situation and your opportunities, to define(determine) effective
directions of development of the company and all necessary actions on achievement
of objects in view, to analyse the ideas, to check up them разумность and
realness. In this connection valuable is not only an
end result of this scheduled work - the completed business - plan, but also process of
development of the business - plan. All involved in him(it) receive fine experience of
the future joint activity and dialogue, and also the proved motivated
sight on prospects of development of business.

- Fifthly, the business - plan will serve for you and your employees
as the standard with which you will verify results of
practical activities on his(its) realization and to bring in this activity necessary corrective amendments.
precisely will allow employees to understand the problems(tasks) and to see the own personal
prospects connected to the general(common) business for all, to estimate the personal contribution
to achievement of objects in view. The business - plan appears useful to
an establishment of priorities and individual working tasks for the first year
of work of the enterprise.

Consider(examine) the developed business - plan as " a card(map) of flight ",
determining the most desirable, optimum on time and the
least risky route of achievement of the planned purposes.
However, numerous factors, including such as " unexpected
change of weather " the planned plans considerably can change. For
beginning(starting) companies practice of a deviation(rejection) from planned business
- plan a route is usual. Try to expect possible(probable) deviations(rejections)
to develop " spare variants " and to prepare "alternate routes". You see,
finally, for a long time it is known, that " плох that plan which does
not suffer(bear) updatings ".
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