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НП address " НТО ИнфоКом "
g.Tula, Mendeleevskaja, 1, of.405a

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Ph.: (4872) 36-47-32
Fax: (4872) 700-646
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Useful references
The congress the Centre The congress the Centre 
Realization of presentations, seminars, banquets in Tula.
Maximaster Maximaster 
Bеб-design, creation and promotion
Sites, Zope-programming.
 " The Tula house of a science and engineering " 
Marketing and sociological researches, support of business, exhibition, business - training, the edition of magazine " Tula engineer ".
The Tula portal of development The Tula portal of development 
Партерство for development of an information society in Tula.
The regional information project The regional information project 
The regional information project.
TulaWeb. Ru TulaWeb. Ru 
Rating Tula sites with an expert estimation.
ВсеПостроим.ru ВсеПостроим.ru 
The Tula regional building portal.
Republic of ideas Republic of ideas 
Sale of business, investment projects, business of idea, business plans.
Информационно-advertising portal  Информационно-advertising portal " the Partner of the Business World " 
Professional advertising of manufacturers. Reviews of the markets, examination of the goods and services, news.
Competitions, auctions, tenders. Automobiles, spare parts, the real estate, the finance, Hi-tech, show business, acquaintances.
PromoSite. RU PromoSite. RU 
PromoSite. RU: Advertising in интернет, marketing, promotion of sites. Services on раскрутке sites, clause(article).
Original electronic books on брендингу and
To advertising in an easy approach.
 Society "Малышева-73" 
Комерческая the real estate for your business. Ekaterinburg.

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